Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach you?

We always have someone carrying a cell phone.  If you need to reach us quickly or If you have questions, please call us at (416) 949-8962.  The telephone number supports Short Message Service (SMS), a text messaging service component of most telephones, World Wide Web, and mobile telephony systems.  You can use SMS messages to contact us.  You may also reach us using electronic mail at  Lastly, you can use our contact page to reach us, on of our contact forms.  You can request a goalie directly from our Goalie Request Form.

How long will it take to confirm a goalie?

If you use email, texting messaging, leave a voice mail or use our Goalie Request Form you will receive an acknowledgement of your request followed by a confirmation message once we have filled your request. All requests are seen immediately, so rest assured we are working on it. Most games are filled within the hour to three hours of placing your request.

How do I pay Net Detectors?

Most of our customers prefer to pay in cash, paid directly to the goalie at the time of the game.   Contact us if you wish to pay by other means, by credit card or pay pal.  In such cases, we will create an account for you and will charge your account only when a goalie has been dispatched to your game.

May I cancel a goalie booking?

Yes, you may cancel a booking at any time before our goalie shows up for the game and Net Detectors will not charge you. Please try to notify us within two hours of the game to ensure the goalie does not show up for the game. Some of our goalies will be on route to your game hours before the game's starting time, if a goalie does show up, we ask, as a courtesy to the goalie that you compensate them with $20 for their time, travel expenses, and effort. The courtesy you give the goalie goes solely to him or to her.

What if I want the same goalie for the next game?

If you know your goalie's name, ask for him or her in your request. We will do our best to have the goalie at your game.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

Please notify us if you are not satisfied so that we can take mitigating steps.  People at times have off days, bad games or sometimes are not sympatico.  You may request goalies that you prefer to use.  You may also request not to use a particular goalie.  We will annotate your preferences to accommodate your future bookings.

We don’t have a regular goalie. Can we reserve a goalie for the whole season?

Yes! Contact us to arrange and ensure that a goalie is available for every game.  Seasonal requests are given priority dispatching and we try our best to reserve the goalies of your choice.

How do I become a Net Detector Goaltender?

We have a sign-up application form found under the "Join Us" menu option.